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Resources from the workshop are shared on the Sumbaloo site above. The PowerPoint is downloadable for participants to use and edit as they would like.

21st Century Technology Tools & Resources:

21st Century Tools & Resources: Link to video demonstration of this section--Sniglets
  • Sniglets: Think of the 21st century skills that could be addressed with an activity where students create "sniglets" --creativity, critical thinking, communication......
    • Sniglets Online: Click on the Sniglets button at the top to begin.
      From the Web Site: http://arnieten.com/index.htm
    • Bit Strips Students could use this on-line comic creator to create their own "Sniglet".
    • Sample Sniglets (these were "clean" at the time of posting) that can be used as examples to get students started or to work on breaking words down/putting words together.

Vocabulary & Technology Station