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Apply Terms in Activities & Learning Games
  • Activity to Try: Together as a class, in student groups, or individually, have the students "compete" in a Jeopardy game that reinforces the meaning of words. The example and templates below were created using PowerPoint--know that there are many on-line tools that allow you to create these types of games also.

    With older students, they could divide into groups and create their own "Jeopardy" game writing "clues" and providing pictures that establish meaning to the words.

  • Word Central: http://www.wordcentral.comword-central.jpg
    Word Central has a number of games where students can "play" with words and meaning. Robo Bee has a format that will work well for elementary students in an independent station or learning center, although we found some of the words to be targeted more to the secondary crowd. Teachers will have to have a look and see if this site would work for their students.

  • 21st Century Skill Addressed by This Activity: Communication, Creativity, ICT Literacy, Collaboration (if working in groups)
  • Reading Skill Addressed: Vocabulary development & content knowledge